Updating Your Kitchen-Where’s the Return on Investment?

Updating your Kitchen-Where's the return on investment?

Ever wonder why when you look at homes in the same neighborhood there can be such a difference in price per square foot?  That is most times a reflection of where or not the home has been updated.  When you consider updating your kitchen you must consider what changes will help you sell your home.

If your cabinets are outdated, have a cabinet refinisher give you some ideas on making them look fresher.  Will that involve new door fronts?  Refinishing them in with a newer color?  Eliminating some curvy wood trim from the 70’s or other outdated aspects?

Evaluate your appliances.  Most buyers are looking for gas cooktops or stoves.  If your home is heated by gas, a plumber can usually run a gas line to the cooktop area and make that new gas stove a reality.  Depending on the price range of the home, double ovens are a selling point. Trash compactors are passe giving way to the more popular trash bin pull out disguised in a cabinet. Microwaves are a must.  Some buyers like them hidden below the countertop.  Some newer models feature a drawer pull out type rather than a front door that swings open.  Buyers with small children prefer the microwave be in a higher cabinet out of reach.  They are also are preferring stainless steel appliances which add to the feeling of being up to date.

Many buyers prefer granite or a higher end countertop.  Not having this option may be the one thing that works against you.  The “wow factor” of the stone can often times overcome other objections.  The granite does not need to be high priced to meet the need.

Evaluate your kitchen wish list in terms of priority.  Then consider what the return is before you make that investment.  Hopefully you will get a kitchen you love and one you can sell!

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