Keeping Your Tennessee Home and Family Safe from Fire

It is estimated home structure fires average 380,000 per year in the United States.  How can you prevent a fire in your home? Cooking equipment was the leading cause of home fires.  Don’t leave the stove unattended.  Always turn handles away from walk ways.  Home heating systems were the cause of most deaths in single family homes.  Other causes were electrical, dryers and candles.

HVAC system evaluation can be critical

When purchasing a home, having an expert evaluate your home heating system is critical.  A licensed HVAC inspector can do a more thorough check than a general inspector.  The Linda Seaton Team suggests consulting with your realtor regarding a more in depth inspection by a licensed HVAC person.  The age and past maintenance of the home help determine the course of action.

Clothes Dryer Vents

Also remember to clean your clothes dryer vent and lint trap.  A dryer exhaust needs to be vented directly to the outside of your home.  In a home where the washer and dryer are placed more towards the center of the home and not close to an outside wall, dryers may be required to have a longer vent hose.  Dryer vent hoses should be limited to 25 feet.  If there is a curve or bend in the hose, that makes it all the more probable that lint will be trapped and fire potential increase.  Ducts may also may create a fire hazard by sagging.  Rigid metal or flexible metal ducts are best for safety.  They are not flammable being of metal and therefore do not increase the chances of fire as a plastic hose would.  The moral of the story is to be diligent about checking your dryer duct and lint trap frequently!

Have an evaluation

Do your homework when considering a home purchase.  Having an evaluation of potential hazards with specific home options can help you determine value for the future and the safety of your family!

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