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The Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin, TN real estate markets have enjoyed an increase in sales in 2013.  With the influx of relocation moves to the area, sellers are in a prime position to capture a wide audience.   However, sellers need to do their homework on the front end and be sure their house is shown in the best light.  What does that mean?  Here’s the list. 

  1. Get your house in market ready condition.  Give your realtor permission to be candid with you regarding de-cluttering and staging.
  2. Deep clean your home or hire someone to do it!  There is too much competition to lose a sale based on cleanliness.   Buyers will make an assumption on the long term maintenance of the house and its major components (heating & air conditioning, plumbing, crawl space condition, water drainage, etc.) based on whether it is clean or dirty on the surface.  Address spider webs, dirty windows and air filters.
  3. Good drive up appeal is crucial.  Weed the flower beds, trim the shrubs, and be sure the front door is in good condition.  While the realtor accesses the key to open the front door, the buyer is standing on your porch looking at details and forming an opinion.
  4. Be sure you hire a realtor to represent your home via the best marketing options. Not all photos are created equal!  Shooting the best quality photos in the right light from the most complimentary angle to show off the features of your home is critical to getting people in the door!  The front of the house shot is not always the most marketable perspective.
  5. Keep your home in show ready condition.  This can be a challenge, but if you want your home to sell as soon as possible, put and keep your best foot forward!
  6. Talk to your real estate agent.  If you have questions, concerns or comments, let your realtor know.  The team approach through open communication lines is the best way sellers and their agent can make your home sale a reality!

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