Make Your Front Porch A Haven

Make Your Front Porch A Haven

Make Your Front Porch a Haven

Front porch living is making a comeback!  Even some concept neighborhoods build their entire “energy” around being a front porch community.  It does add to the climate of a neighborhood and a home.

You can use your porch for anything from reading your paper in the morning to hosting a dinner party.   Some folks are hanging a bed from support chains from the ceiling and use the bed to have a  sleeping porch.    Furnish your porch with comfortable furniture and have a gathering of the neighbors for happy hour!

If you are building a home, the depth and length of the porch will expand or limit the activities that it can accommodate.  When selling your home, stage your front porch showing potential buyers what happens there.  Maybe rocking chairs with a bottle of wine and glasses on a tray.  Roll your newspaper up on a rocker.   Maybe there is a small table set with table settings.  And of course the scenery framing the porch will set it off.  A variety of birdhouses and feeders can attract the entertainment.  Beautiful views or landscaping expand the reach of the porch and help to make your front porch a great  asset to set your home apart!

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  1. I love this front porch, and the neighborhood it’s in. It reminds me of the older homes in the low lands. Of course they wouldn’t have an Arnold Palmer designed golf course. This is a great photo.

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